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The practice of medicine requires years of advanced knowledge and training far beyond the average layperson’s understanding. When we are sick or injured, we put our faith and trust in the doctors, nurses and hospitals to take care of us and make us well. When medical treatment falls below the proper standard of care and actually injures us, the damage goes beyond the physical injury itself and can be extremely traumatic. Whether a doctor is negligent or incompetent, failures in medical care shake our faith in the system and its ability to take care of us.

Mr. Paulsen devotes the majority of their law practice toward helping victims of personal injury in Denver and Colorado statewide, with a particular emphasis on cases involving medical malpractice, including failure to diagnosis or misdiagnosis, birth trauma, and surgical errors

  • Surgical Errors

  • Leaving a foreign object in the body after surgery, such as clamps and sponges

  • Performing the wrong surgery

  • ​Misreading a patient’s chart

  • ​Birth injuries or trauma to mother or child

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Medical Malpractice 

  • Failing to monitor maternal or fetal health​​
  • ​Failure to diagnose
  • Misdiagnosis

  • Misdiagnosis of cancer

  • Prescribing the wrong medication or dosage
  • Administering the wrong medication or dosage/overdose
  • Failing to provide necessary treatment

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